"I coach people to overcome dyslexia difficulties and to achieve more in education and in life."

Dr. Antonio G. Farruggia-Bochnak

Dr. Antonio’s Bio:
Struggled at school and left functionally illiterate.
Taught myself to read and write from 18 to 31 years of age.
Overcame Severe Dyslexia aged 38.
PhD in Dyslexia, developed 'Externalising Dyslexia Approach'.
Dyslexia Coach for 25 years, coaching children, parents, adults, and professionals.


I was coached by Dr Antonio as a child, around 12 years ago. The coaching boosted my confidence and was an amazing learning experience. I learnt how to question the existing traditional system of education and that this system isn't necessarily the best way to learn. I also learnt new methods of learning that suite my specific needs. The coaching was judgemental free and I felt accepted for who and how I am. It was lots of fun too.

I'm glad Dr A started DBC and I'm proud to be a DBC member. I highly recommend you to join!
Pav Singh
Retail Manager
Dr Antonio helped me develop self confidence, kindness (for myself and others) and taught me several models and theories that helped me immensely in my subsequent work in the NHS and local government. My favourite thing about being mentored by Antonio is how his teachings are grounded in academia and psychotherapeutic theory but are also immensely human. Above all Antonio is a great person, he practices what he preaches and acts as someone I looked up to and strived to be like.

I'm proud to be a member of the Dyslexic Brain Coach Community.
Zishaan Mo
Psychology MA Student
I have known Antonio for over 10 years. I’m impressed with the research that he did for his PhD and how this, and his vast knowledge of dyslexia, now filters into his coaching and mentoring.

I think it is wonderful that Antonio is now offering his coaching expertise online and I'm sure it will be of tremendous benefit to all who join.
Laura Page
Social Worker
I have been Dr Antonio’s mentor for over 40 years and know him to be of good character. I remember supporting Antonio to learn to read and write as a teenager, which he achieved after many years through great determination. I have worked alongside Antonio to deliver educational coaching at the boxing gym and can sincerely say that his way of working with young people is effective. I am confident that he will do the same on his dyslexia website.
Frank O'Sullivan, MBE
Senior Coach at Birmingham City Boxing Club

Dyslexia Coaching