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Well done to two of our Dyslexia Coaches, Antonio and Joby, for creating their first podcast on the Wisdom App yesterday!

They had a lively discussion about dyslexia and the Externalising Dyslexia Approach that informs our work at Dyslexic Brain Coach.

Two wonderful guest join the discussion, Julie from Warwick, UK, and Loyce from Las Vegas, US.

Julie and Loyce were brilliant and made a fantastic contribution to the discussion.

If you have an Apple phone, you can listen to the podcast on the Wisdom App – search for Joby@DyslexicBrainCoach.

For Android users, I’m sorry but you will have to wait a little bit as Wisdom are, according to their website, going to release the App for Android very soon.

We will film sections of future podcast and post them on YouTube and of course on our Vlog too!

Click here to visit the Wisdom App website (opens in new tab).

Feedback request

What do you think of Antonio’s and Joby’s video clip?

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