"25 years of Dyslexia Coaching experience enables me to coach my clients to overcome dyslexia difficulties as quickly as possible."

Dr. Antonio G. Farruggia-Bochnak

Dr. Antonio’s Bio:
Struggled at school and left functionally illiterate.
Taught myself to read and write from 18 to 31 years of age.
Overcame Severe Dyslexia aged 38.
PhD in Dyslexia, developed 'Externalising Dyslexia Approach'
Dyslexia Coach since 1997, coaching children, parents, adults, and professionals.

My Professional Experience of Dyslexia

I have been a Dyslexia Coach for the past 25 years and I’ve coached children, young people, college and university students and adults to overcome dyslexia difficulties and achieve more in education and/or in life. I have also coached countless numbers of parents of ‘dyslexic’ children so that they are better able to support their children to overcome dyslexia difficulties. In addition, I have also coached a range of dyslexia professionals to use my approach to dyslexia support.

The dyslexia coaching that I deliver is informed by my doctoral study on dyslexia which I undertook at the University of Birmingham, UK. As part of my doctoral study, I developed an alternative perspective on dyslexia to support dyslexic students to reconceptulise the cause of dyslexia to stem from external factors and not from their biological makeup. I also developed and tested dyslexia coaching intervention to support Further and Higher Education students to externalise dyslexia and overcome their dyslexia difficulties.