"My first-hand experience of being severely dyslexic until the age of 38 enables me to connect deeply with my clients."

Dr. Antonio G. Farruggia-Bochnak

Dr. Antonio’s Bio:
Struggled at school and left functionally illiterate.
Taught myself to read and write from 18 to 31 years of age.
Overcame Severe Dyslexia aged 38.
PhD in Dyslexia, developed 'Externalising Dyslexia Approach'
Dyslexia Coach since 1997, coaching children, parents, adults, and professionals.

My Personal Experience of Dyslexia

Along with my Dyslexia Coaching experience and academic research on dyslexia, I have first-hand experience of being dyslexic. I was severely dyslexic until the age of 38, which was when I began to reconceptualise my dyslexia using the Externalising Dyslexia Approach that I developed during my doctoral study. I then spent several years overcoming the dyslexia difficulties that I was experiencing.

I am now 57 years old and whilst I no longer experience any dyslexia difficulties, I still view myself as ‘dyslexic’ but in a totally different way. Before the age of 38 I viewed dyslexia as a condition that existed on a biological level and that was beyond my ability to control or change; whereas now, I view my dyslexia as existing on a psychological level which I am in total control of.

My personal experience of dyslexia is extremely useful to me as a Dyslexia Coach, as it enables me to understand first-hand what my coaching clients might be experiencing. I also know deeply what it feels like to have struggled for many years to overcome the dyslexia difficulties that severely impacted on my education as a child and in my life as an adult.